Unclaimed Estate : Paul William Benedict Batting

Paul William Benedict Batting died on 31/05/1992 at Hillingdon London UB9 being a Bachelor their date of birth was 30/08/1949 if you are related or know someone who is contact us now as their estate is unclaimed and you could be entitled to a large sum of money.

Surname: Batting
Forename: Paul William Benedict
Date of Death: 31/05/1992
Place of Death: Hillingdon London UB9
Date of Birth: 30/08/1949
Maiden Name:
Place of Birth: Wallasey Cheshire
Marital Status: Bachelor
Date of Marriage:
Place of Marriage:
Date of Divorce:
Aliases: Paul William Batting
Date Entered UK:
Date of Naturalisation:
Date of Adoption:
Kin Details: Father (Guy Archibald Batting) b. 02/06/1915 Wallasey d. 10/03/1964 Anglesey; Mother (Barbara Morley) b. 09/07/1914 South Leicester d. 08/03/1974 Anglesey; Parents married 06/01/1940 in Wallasey Cheshire
Date of Publication: 1997-2012
Reference Number: BV921990/1

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